Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine, Xilin F. Jordan, L.Ac.


Dear friends, your success is all that matters! I congratulate you for making a significant changes in your life. I am very honored to be part of this, and I thank all of you to write these reviews to spread news to the others to those who are searching for help! - Xilin

"Dr. Jordan is amazing!! Not only is she talented and gifted at what she does, she puts her heart into what she does. She is extremely well versed in women's issues, especially infertility. She combines her acupuncture skills with her Traditional Chinese Medicine knowledge and the result is amazing. She is gentle and the needles really don't hurt. The experience is wonderfully relaxing. I saw Dr.Jordan for a variety of issues over a number of years and can't say enough about the positive changes she has made in my health." - Ronna, Redding, CT

"I sought acupuncture treatment as a last resort after losing my senses of taste and smell. I was told by my western doctor that it was nerve damage and I would not recover either of the senses. Dr. Jordan, through long and relentless research and work proved him ( thank goodness!) wrong, after almost fifteen weeks of intensive treatment both my sense of taste and my sense of smell returned fully. Additionally when my husband suffered two brain bleeds she brought him “back to earth” fully through her careful and intensive treatments. She has, in my opinion, literally performed miracles. To this day, nine years later both my husband and I receive treatment regularly for maintenance and we continue in excellent health. I can only wish that everyone could have a Dr. Jordan in his or her life; she is truly a wonderful person -- body, soul and spirit." - Carolyn Beaudin

"Dr Jordan is one of those rare healers you hope to encounter when one is fighting chronic illness and the 50 other doctors of all sorts you've seen haven't helped. Dr Jordan is an incredible acupuncturist (and I've seen a ton on my health journey) but also has a wealth of knowledge on all levels of healing. Also, I thought she only talked to me like I was her only patient until I heard her speak with other patients and she treats all her patients with the same attention and energy. You would be so lucky to be under her care, from a bum back to more difficult medical cases." - Diane, New Haven, CT

"When it comes to Women's issues using Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Xilin is right on point. I am a patient there and I have seen changes for me in only 1.5 months. For women's hormone imbalances and/or those looking for help with conception (even more so naturally), she is a go to Acupuncturist. She uses the Basal Body Temperature graph (BBT), where you take your BBT and graph it at least for a month with a BBT Thermometer (something even Gyn doctors won't do with you), and from this she can tell and decipher in no time what's going on with your body/hormones or even menstrual cycle. I was blessed to find her. She has helped women conceive and gets many recommendations from others, women especially even though her practice may seem smaller compared with some high volume ones I have been too. I highly recommend her!" - Rachel, Naugatuck, CT

"Xilin Jordan is an excellent practitioner. I have had very good experiences with acupuncture and traditional chinese medicine (herbs), but she is exceptional. Occasionally you encounter someone who is a true healer: she listens, observes, she understands complex issues, and she uses different approaches to treat each problem. I give her my highest recommendation." - L.D., New Haven, CT

"I've had tinnitus since October 2013 and have tried a number of ways to cure it, all unsuccessfully. I've seen several ENT's and they have told me there is no cure. That is, until I saw Dr. Xilin Jordan. Dr. Jordan started treating me in February 2016 and today I am totally tinnitus free. And for those who suffer from this debilitating condition, this is HUGE! After the initial series of treatments, I found that seeing Dr. Jordan about once a month for "maintenance" has helped in continuing my tinnitus-free condition." - Bruno, Hamden, CT

"I have been going to Dr. Jordan for over 3 years for various health issues. She is very knowledgeable not only in the Eastern medicine but Western medicine as well. She is always honest with me if she feels she cannot help me with a specific issue. The environment is very homey and relaxing. I would not hesitate to recommend Xilin to anyone who is looking for an alternative or an addition to traditional medicine." - Ann, Milford, CT

"For over 10 years, I am fortunate to be a patient of Xilin Jordan. Her credentials and extensive training in China is what drew me originally to her practice. Xilin's expertise in the field of acupuncture has helped me with general health, 2 bouts of Lyme disease, and fertility. I am so appreciative of her caring nature and comprehensive treatment when I was going through difficult times. Now I am happy to say, her treatment for infertility has blessed me with a son. I highly recommend Dr. Jordan if you are seeking alternative medicine for issues that have not been helped by Western medicine, or as complementary medicine." - Allison, New Haven

"After decades of trying to resolve digestive issues, both with Western medical doctors and a variety of naturopathic approaches, I finally turned to a true practitioner of Chinese medicine. Xilin is absolutely amazing. Her knowledge base is incredible and I am on the mend-finally! It has been gradual but I believe true healing. I am feeling better all over- not just digestively. My entire family has now been to Xilin for various issues & have all had positive results. She is also very friendly!" - M.N.

"What can I say? Xilin is the best acupuncturist I have ever worked with, including NYC, Boston, China and London. She has Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) training from China, which requires thousands of more hours than schools in the USA. Xilin is perceptive about what was going on with me which western doctors and other acupuncturists couldn't figure out, and she has a wonderful bedside manner. She will be honest if she doesn't think acupuncture can help your issue." - C Teuscher

"I began to go to Xilin for when I had trouble conceiving. She immediately impressed me with her compassion, her knowledge, and her practical advice. She is cheerful and positive, and ready to explain each treatment she prescribes. After one month of treatment with Xilin, I became pregnant with my son -- and while I took clomid at the same time, my OBGYN was shocked that I conceived so quickly. I continued to go to Xilin throughout my pregnancy, and any symptoms that I developed quickly disappeared after her treatments. I returned to her when I wished to have a second child, and, once again, after three weeks of treatments, immediately conceived (this time without clomid,) again to the surprise of my OBGYN. I was thoroughly impressed with Xilin's knowledge and understanding of the human body. She is ready to help when she can, and, when acupuncture will not help, she is honest. She does not schedule extra visits when they are unnecessary; she earned my trust again and again. I recommend her strongly." - Catherine

“I have been coming to Xilin for nine years. As an explorer of alternative healing, I approached this healer with a mixture of openness and caution. After my first treatment I felt the difference in my body...more solid and pain free. The seed of trust was planted. Over the years, as a result of Xilin’s treatments combined with my following her suggestions Re: diet, lifestyle, etc. (I am 72 years old), I have been able to maintain good health and enough energy to continue working a 40 hours week. Xilin’s expertise in pulse diagnosis has meant that she has been able to detect imbalances in my body and correct those imbalances with needles and herbs so that the illness never manifests. She is indeed an extremely talented diagnostician and healer. A true professional.” -Janet